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Admidio is a versatile, open-source user management system aimed at fulfilling the needs of websites belonging to various organizations and groups. This free software provides an optimal solution for managing and coordinating multiple users and their roles within your online platform.

Admidio – Free online membership management software
Admidio is a free online membership management, which is optimized for associations, groups and organizations. In addition to classic user management it consists of a variety of modules that can be installed and adjusted on a new or existing homepage.


Notably, it boasts key features that enable efficient management of user data. These features include flexible role management, membership lists, event organization, photo album creation, and more. With these comprehensive functionalities, Admidio allows you to seamlessly manage your website's users while ensuring smooth operations.

Additionally, Admidio stands out with its customizable nature. It's designed to be tailored based on the unique requirements of your organization or group. The software supports numerous plugins to expand its capability further and provide you with unprecedented control over your web platform's user administration.

Lastly, while being remarkably feature-rich and versatile, Admidio remains user-friendly. Its intuitive interface ensures even those with limited technical knowledge can easily navigate its many functions. This ease-of-use combined with robust capabilities make Admidio an ideal choice for any organizations or groups aiming to streamline their website's user management.

With 241 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-30 the project looks healthy.