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Effortlessly integrate data across multiple sources into your data lakes and warehouses with Airbyte's extensive connector catalog and no-code solutions.

Airbyte is a powerful open-source data integration platform that simplifies the consolidation of data across various sources into your data warehouses, lakes, and databases. With over 300 pre-built connectors and a vibrant community, Airbyte is designed to be reliable and extensible, meeting both the needs of enterprise-level deployments and individual use cases.

Airbyte | Open-Source Data Integration Platform | ELT tool
Explore Airbyte, your go-to data integration platform and ELT tool. Seamlessly integrate, transform, and load data with our powerful, user-friendly solution. Accelerate your data workflows and unlock insights effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Extensive Connector Catalog: Airbyte offers an ever-growing selection of 300+ pre-built connectors, making it easy to integrate with various data sources.
  • No-Code Connector Builder: Users can build custom connectors in minutes without writing any code, empowering teams to tailor data integrations to their specific needs.
  • Open-Source Community: With 15,000+ community members and 800+ contributors, Airbyte boasts one of the most active communities in data integration.
  • Flexible Deployment: Airbyte can be self-hosted on VMs or Kubernetes clusters, providing flexibility for deployment in different environments.
  • Developer Tools Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular developer tools like dbt, Airflow, Dagster, Prefect, and more for comprehensive data pipeline management.
  • API and CLI Access: Offers API and CLI options for programmatically managing connections or managing data configurations using YAML files.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Automate and streamline high-volume database replication tasks with low latency requirements using Airbyte's reliable infrastructure.
  • Incorporate AI-driven analytics into applications by utilizing Airbyte's connectors that handle unstructured data sources with ease.
  • Leverage Airbyte's extensive connector catalog to quickly integrate new data sources as client needs evolve, without extensive development efforts.
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