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Discover the power of a personal, self-hosted solution with Audiobookshelf, specifically designed for your audiobooks and podcast needs. This distinctive software provides an easy-to-navigate platform to manage, stream, and enjoy your favorite audio content.

Self-hosted audiobook and podcast server


The central feature of Audiobookshelf is its self-hosting capabilities. This allows you to store an extensive range of audiobooks and podcasts directly on your server. No need for third-party platforms or hosting services. You maintain complete control over your library, with the flexibility to access it anytime, anywhere.

Another key attribute of Audiobookshelf is its intuitive interface. Here, managing your audio collection becomes a breeze. Easily add new titles, organize them by genre or author, and even keep track of which chapters you've completed. In addition, its streaming capabilities mean you can listen to your favorite stories or podcasts straight from the server without any need for downloads.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.