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CloudBeaver is an innovative database management system that offers you the ability to host your own databases. It's an open-source platform that supports multiple database types like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and more. Its main goal is to provide an efficient and user-friendly interface for managing databases directly from your server.

DBeaver PRO | One tool for all data sources
Use advanced features of DBeaver PRO to explore, process, and administrate all possible SQL, NoSQL, and cloud data sources.


The distinguishing feature of CloudBeaver is its support for multiple databases. You can manage PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and many other types of databases from a single interface. This not only makes the maintenance of these databases easier but also saves valuable time switching between different database management tools.

In addition to its multi-database support, CloudBeaver also has other remarkable features such as a web-based interface and security measures. The web-based interface allows you to manage your databases from anywhere and from any device without requiring additional software downloads. On the security front, CloudBeaver provides robust protection measures to ensure that your data remains safe and secure at all times.

Overall, CloudBeaver combines versatility with ease-of-use in managing various types of databases in a self-hosted environment. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses that handle multiple databases or those who are seeking a comprehensive solution to their database management needs.

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