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CommaFeed is a popular, self-hosted RSS reader, designed with simplicity and user-friendly navigation in mind. It's built to emulate the intuitiveness of the now-defunct Google Reader, providing a stellar, seamless reading experience to its users.



In terms of key features, CommaFeed stands out with its ability to be self-hosted. This feature affords users total control over their data. Furthermore, it supports categories for easy organization of feeds and allows full customization of the reading environment to suit personal tastes and needs. The application also offers keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, ensuring an efficient reading experience.

Another notable functionality of CommaFeed includes its robust options for integration with other popular services. This includes 'Read-Later' services such as Pocket or Instapaper. Additionally, it provides support for OPML import/export, ensuring compatibility with other feed readers and allowing a smooth transition into using CommaFeed.

With 2119 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-21 the project looks healthy.