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Coral is a dynamic software solution developed by Vox Media designed to revolutionize the way online discussions take place. It offers an enriched and user-friendly platform for digital interaction, breaking away from the norm of traditional comment sections.

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Coral improves community on your website through smart technology, effective design, and strategies that work.


The tool stands out by offering an array of key features. Coral has been devised to moderate comments intuitively, helping to maintain a respectful and engaging discussion environment. With its advanced spam detection mechanism, it ensures improved control over the quality of conversations occurring on your digital platforms.

Moreover, Coral optimizes user experience by enabling customization in terms of appearance and functionality. It allows users to tailor their discussion platforms according to their preferences, resulting in an interactive and personalized space for discourse. The software is also designed with a robust algorithm that ranks comments based on relevance rather than time, consequently promoting meaningful interactions.

To sum up, Coral is the ultimate tool for fostering meaningful online discussions. By combining intuitive moderation features, advanced anti-spam mechanisms and personalized settings, it offers users a unique commenting experience unlike any other.

With 1838 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-25 the project looks healthy.