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CUPS stands as a powerful printing system that utilizes the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) as its core foundation. This allows it to efficiently support print jobs directed toward both local and network printers. The software is widely recognized for its ability to bring advanced managing and printing capabilities in Unix-based systems.



In essence, CUPS is an intricate system that manages print jobs and queues, providing a seamless user interface for all your print needs. One of its major strengths is its ability to convert various types of files into formats that are understood by the printer. This means it can essentially handle any printable data you throw at it.

On top of its excellent file conversion capability, CUPS also offers comprehensive printer management. It can detect network printers automatically, reducing the hassle of manual configuration. Furthermore, it supports a vast range of printer models and brands, allowing users to efficiently manage their printers regardless of make and model. Its user-centric design makes CUPS an indispensable tool for any Unix-based system.

With 1715 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-06-27 the project looks abandoned.