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Cyrus IMAP

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Cyrus IMAP is a highly scalable enterprise-grade mail system designed for use in an enterprise environment. It provides an all-inclusive solution that goes beyond the usual email sending and receiving capabilities. Cyrus IMAP is well-known for its ability to efficiently and effectively handle large volumes of mailboxes, concurrent sessions, and messages.

What is Cyrus IMAP? — Cyrus IMAP 3.8.0 documentation


This robust software includes the fundamental capabilities of both an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) email server. This means that it can manage your emails by maintaining them on its server, providing users with the flexibility to view their emails from various locations and devices without needing to download them first.

In addition to its core email functionalities, Cyrus IMAP also incorporates contacts and calendar server features. This enables synchronization of calendars across different devices while also managing contact information in a secure environment. These additional features make it a comprehensive communication tool suitable for businesses looking to streamline their workflow while ensuring high-level data security.

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