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Explore diaspora*, a community-driven social network emphasizing user privacy and decentralized data control. Connect on your terms.

Overview: diaspora* is a decentralized social network that puts user privacy and control at the forefront. Unlike traditional social networks, diaspora* is made up of independently run servers called "pods," allowing you to choose where your data resides. This community-driven platform empowers you with freedom over your online identity and connections.

The diaspora* Project

Key Features

  • Decentralization: Choose from multiple pods around the world, or host your own, for full control over your data.
  • Freedom of Identity: Express yourself freely without being forced to disclose your real identity.
  • Privacy by Design: Share content with bespoke groups through Aspects, ensuring only intended audiences see your posts.
  • Hashtags: Follow topics of interest and reach like-minded individuals easily with hashtags.
  • Reshares: Spread ideas and content you love with a simple reshare feature.
  • Mentions: Engage directly with others by mentioning them in your posts.
  • Loving Posts: Show appreciation for content with the ♥ feature, transcending words.
  • Social Network Integration: Cross-post to other major social platforms while using diaspora* as your home base.
  • Open Source Nature: Contribute to or modify the source code to fit your needs, joining a global community of developers.

diaspora* Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create a private network for project collaboration, sharing updates only with team members using aspects.
  • Integrate diaspora* within a larger ecosystem as a privacy-focused communication channel for customer engagement.
  • Leverage cross-posting features to maintain presence across multiple platforms without additional overhead.
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