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DirectoryLister is an uncomplicated yet powerful PHP-based software solution that acts as your personal guide through any directory structure. With its user-friendly interface, it effortlessly lists all the contents of a directory, including its subdirectories, making it easy to understand and navigate.

Directory Lister • The Simple (PHP) Web Directory Lister


The key feature of DirectoryLister is its ability to provide a detailed overview of every directory's contents. It not only lists the directories but also provides granular details about each subdirectory. This feature turns any complex directory structure into an easy-to-navigate map, providing users with an enhanced view and understanding of their files' organization.

Furthermore, DirectoryLister's design centers around simplicity and ease-of-use. Users don't need extensive technical knowledge to operate the software; everything is just a click away. Moreover, being built on PHP makes DirectoryLister highly compatible with various server environments. This compatibility coupled with the software's functionality can significantly enhance productivity when dealing with directories.

With 1960 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-21 the project looks healthy.