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Dnote is not just an ordinary notebook; it's an easy-to-use, command-line notebook designed for swift note-taking. The software transcends the barriers of devices, providing seamless synchronization across multiple devices. It also comes equipped with an intuitive web interface for enhanced interaction and accessibility.

A Simple Command Line Notebook
Write things down without leaving your command line, and synchronize data across multiple machines.


The key feature of Dnote is its multi-device sync capability. No matter which device you're working from - be it your personal computer, smartphone or tablet - Dnote ensures that your notes are always updated and synced across all platforms. Therefore, you can take quick notes during a meeting on your phone and later access them on your laptop without the need for manual transfer.

Additionally, Dnote's web interface is both functional and user-friendly. Users can interact with their notes in a more visualized way on this platform, making it easier to organize and manage their thoughts. Furthermore, as a command-line tool, Dnote provides quicker access to jot down brief thoughts or important information swiftly. Overall, Dnote caters to the needs of those seeking a simple yet efficient method of taking and managing notes.

With 2549 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-27 the project looks healthy.