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edX is a powerful, open-source software platform that is the foundation of immersive online learning experiences. It is designed to offer high-quality education accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn. This robust platform serves as the backbone of the edX educational environment.

edX | Build new skills. Advance your career.
Discover thousands of offerings — from free courses to full degrees — delivered by world-class partners like Harvard, Google, Amazon and more.


Key features include its vast array of courses from renowned universities all over the world, covering a wide range of subjects. Whether you're interested in computer science or humanities, edX has courses for you. These courses are designed by experts in their respective fields and are often accompanied by interactive exercises that enhance learning.

Moreover, edX supports a variety of learning methodologies, including self-paced learning, instructor-led courses, and blended learning. This flexibility allows learners to choose an approach that best suits their needs and schedule. The platform also provides certification options which can be valuable for career advancement or academic credentials. With its commitment to open-source principles, edX ensures a constantly improving and evolving educational experience.

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