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Erxes is an all-encompassing platform that combines marketing, sales, and customer service tools in a single location. It has been specifically designed to help businesses draw in customers who are truly engaged and interested in their products or services.

erxes Inc | Experience Operating System(XOS)
erxes an experience operating system that helps businesses to do a better job building great experience for everyone involved directly & indirectly.


The application's key features are built around streamlining your company’s interaction with potential or existing customers. On the marketing side, Erxes allows you to create personalized campaigns that can directly target your chosen demographic. With the seamless integration of sales tools, it helps businesses convert leads into loyal customers efficiently.

Moreover, Erxes provides excellent customer service resources that keep clients satisfied and keen on maintaining a long-term relationship with your business. The platform also ensures continuous engagement with customers by offering user-friendly communication interfaces. To sum it up, Erxes is the total package for businesses aiming to attract engaged customers and maintain fruitful relationships.

With 2966 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-06 the project looks healthy.