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FoodCoopShop offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the operational needs of food co-operatives. As an open-source tool, it allows for great flexibility and customization in meeting the unique requirements of different co-ops. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all, regardless of technical knowledge.

Foodcoop Software Open Source – FoodCoopShop – Open Source Software für Foodcoops, Bioläden und Hofläden


The key features of FoodCoopShop include its robust order management system and inventory tracking capabilities. These allow co-op members to place orders seamlessly while also providing administrators with real-time updates on stock levels. This effectively eliminates over-ordering and reduces waste, ensuring that every co-op can operate at peak efficiency.

Another significant advantage of FoodCoopShop is its support for multiple user roles: administrators, members, manufacturers, and even guests. Each role has different access levels, making the software adaptable to various operation scales from small community cooperatives to large-scale commercial ones. With FoodCoopShop, managing a food co-operative becomes less taxing and more efficient.

With 65 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.