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Fugu is an intuitive, open-source product analytics software that values user privacy. This self-hostable platform does not require intricate navigation or understanding and ensures the protection of users' personally identifiable information such as IP addresses. Fugu has been crafted with individuals in mind who prefer straightforward functionalities over complex interfaces.

Fugu - Simple and privacy-friendly product analytics
Fugu is a simple and privacy-friendly product analytics tool that helps you better understand your users.


The software operates on an event-based tracking system, meaning every time an event needs to be tracked, the Fugu API is called from your app. In this procedure, you simply provide an event name and, if necessary, event properties. Once the events have been initialized for tracking, you can easily access your Fugu account to examine your data. This efficient system allows users to analyze data based on event names and properties.

Fugu also offers a 'Funnels' feature wherein you can define up to five steps composing the funnel after naming it descriptively or humorously as per your preference. Please note that to create a new funnel, at least one step needs to be selected.

With 200 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-09-13 the project looks stale.