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Explore rich data visualizations and set up advanced alerts with Grafana. Create cohesive dashboards from various data sources for comprehensive monitoring.

Grafana is an open-source platform designed for monitoring, visualization, and metric analytics across your entire stack. It enables you to query, visualize, alert on, and understand your data no matter where it's stored. With Grafana's beautiful dashboards and support for multiple data sources including Prometheus and Graphite among others, you can create a cohesive view of your operations.

Grafana: The open observability platform | Grafana Labs
Grafana is the open source analytics & monitoring solution for every database.

Key Features

  • Unified Visualization: Grafana unifies your data without requiring ingestion into a proprietary backend store. Visualize metrics from various sources all within a single dashboard.
  • Accessible Data: Democratizes your organization's data by making it accessible to everyone across teams.
  • User-Friendly Dashboards: Provides dynamic and reusable dashboards that are shareable among team members to collaborate effectively.
  • Extensive Plugin Ecosystem: Offers a rich set of plugins that connect tools and teams with data source plugins hooking into existing data sources via APIs.
  • Advanced Alerting: Create and manage alerts with ease using Grafana Alerting for timely notifications on critical conditions.
  • Data Transformations: Perform calculations across different queries and data sources with powerful transformation capabilities.
  • Annotations: Annotate graphs with rich events from different data sources for insightful context.
  • Panel Editor: Customize your panels with a consistent UI for setting data options across all visualizations.

Grafana Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Rapid Prototyping: Quickly create dashboards to visualize metrics for prototypes or proof-of-concepts without extensive backend setup.
  • Client Reporting: Provide clients with detailed insights through customized reports generated from their data streams integrated into Grafana.
  • No-Code Integrations: Use Grafana's extensive plugin ecosystem to integrate with other tools and services without writing code, optimizing workflows efficiently.
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