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H3 Viewer

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The H3 Viewer is a robust mapping software that allows users to seamlessly visualize and search Uber's H3, the Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index system, on a map. This user-friendly platform provides an intuitive interface for spatial data exploration, leveraging Uber's innovative H3 technology.

GitHub - clupasq/h3-viewer: View Uber H3 Hexagons on a map
View Uber H3 Hexagons on a map. Contribute to clupasq/h3-viewer development by creating an account on GitHub.


As a key feature of the H3 Viewer, users can effectively explore and navigate through the hexagonal spatial index cells represented on the map. This feature provides a comprehensive view of geographical data which could be pivotal in various fields such as transportation planning, geographical research, and urban development.

Another significant aspect of the H3 Viewer is its powerful search functionality. Users can swiftly locate specific Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index cells using this search feature. With its real-time rendering of complex geographic patterns and data layers, the H3 Viewer stands out as an essential tool for those needing precise geolocation information.

With 39 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-07-29 the project looks abandoned.