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Hiccup is a visually appealing static homepage designed to provide quick and easy access to your favorite links and online services. This easy-to-use software brings convenience right at your fingertips, personalizing your browsing experience like never before.

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Key features of Hiccup include its ability to streamline all your favourite links and quickly connect you with the services you use regularly. The design of the software is user-friendly, enabling intuitive navigation that enhances the efficiency of your online activities.

Furthermore, Hiccup's static page design ensures higher speed and less data consumption compared to dynamic sites. This makes the software an ideal choice for those looking for a more effective way to manage their bookmarks, particularly if you constantly find yourself needing to access certain webpages or services on a regular basis. Lastly, Hiccup's beautiful interface adds a touch of aesthetic pleasure to practicality, creating an enjoyable user experience.

With 98 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-01 the project looks healthy.