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Homarr is a state-of-the-art dashboard tool designed to simplify your work and streamline your operations. It's an elegant, modern solution that offers multiple integrations and an easily accessible web-based configuration interface. This feature-rich platform provides a centralized location to manage multiple work streams, making it essential for businesses of all sizes.

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Simplify the management of your server with Homarr - a sleek, modern dashboard that puts all of your apps and services at your fingertips. With Homarr, you can access and control everything in one convenient location. Homarr seamlessly integrates with the apps you’ve added, providing you with valuab…


  One of the core features of Homarr is its ability to integrate with numerous other applications and platforms. This allows users to create a completely tailored experience, enhancing productivity by keeping all necessary tools in one place. Whether you're integrating popular productivity apps or niche software tools specific to your industry, Homarr offers seamless integration capabilities.

  Moreover, Homarr stands out for its easy-to-use web-based configuration settings. Users can effortlessly adjust their dashboard according to their needs without coding skills required. For those who want an efficient way to manage their digital workspace that’s both intuitive and customizable, Homarr offers the perfect solution.

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