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Horde is a robust open-source project committed to delivering high-quality applications and libraries. It harnesses the power of the PHP programming language in conjunction with its very own Horde Framework. The goal of Horde is not just to provide excellent software solutions but also to cultivate a community around open-source contributions.

The Horde Project


This software stands out due to several key features. Firstly, it provides an array of high-quality, open-source applications that are designed for enterprises. These applications cover various needs such as webmail, calendars, notes, task lists, and more. Each application is developed using the PHP language which helps ensure broad compatibility across different platforms.

Moreover, the underlying structure of these applications is supported by the versatile Horde Framework. The framework ensures that each application adheres to professional standards of performance and scalability. The framework also aids developers by offering them a range of tools and components needed for effective application development.

Lastly, Horde takes pride in its active community involvement. This collaborative environment fosters innovation while maintaining an emphasis on quality assurance. With widespread adoption worldwide and regular updates from dedicated contributors, Horde continues to uphold its mission to create superior open-source applications.

With 49 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-02-13 the project looks abandoned.