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Inlets is a sophisticated software designed to facilitate the exposure of your local endpoints to the broader Internet world. This instrumental solution aims to connect services across different networks quickly and securely, all while simplifying network complexities.

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The Cloud Native Tunnel


Key features of Inlets include its seamless integration with Kubernetes. This makes it possible for users to expose their services outside their clusters easily, thereby improving network transparency and versatility. Additionally, Inlets comes with a Docker image which allows you to readily deploy and use the software across various platforms without any extra hassle.

Furthermore, Inlets has an available Command Line Interface (CLI) that adds another layer of convenience for users who prefer or are more comfortable with command lines. The CLI utility provides quick access to numerous commands for managing connections and configuring settings. Aside from these, its robust set of features allows you to take advantage of secure tunnels and proxy forwarding for applications in development as well as those in production environments.

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