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InspIRCd stands as a feature-rich IRC server developed using C++. It's engineered to provide high performance and reliability across multiple platforms such as Linux, BSD, Windows, and macOS. Its multi-platform compatibility makes it a go-to solution for users seeking efficient communication over the internet regardless of their operating system.

InspIRCd - The Stable, High-Performance and Modular IRCd
InspIRCd Internet Relay Chat Daemon is a modular, high performance IRC daemon combining stability and a rich and extensive C++ API with optional features such as SSL and permanent channels.


One of the key features that make InspIRCd shine is its modular architecture. This design allows users to add or remove specific features according to their needs by simply tweaking the modules involved. The result is a highly customizable IRC server adapted to user preferences.

Furthermore, InspIRCd emphasizes security. It includes built-in measures to deter spamming and flooding which are common issues on IRC networks. Additionally, it supports secure connections through SSL/TLS encryption. All these features combined make InspIRCd not only flexible but also secure for all your online communication needs.

With 1060 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-25 the project looks healthy.