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Inventaire is a unique collaborative initiative that aims at resource mapping, with its current focus on book mapping using Wikidata and ISBNs. It paves the way for users to explore the wide world of literature in an organized, efficient way. The software stands out by creating a bridge between bibliophiles and information through the innovative use of technology.

Inventaire - your friends and communities are your best library
Make the inventory of your books and mutualize it with your friends and communities into an infinite library!


One of the key features of Inventaire is its collaboration with Wikidata, a free, multilingual open-collaborative online database. This allows Inventaire to provide a rich source of information about a multitude of books. Users can easily find detailed data about their chosen books such as author details, publication history, genres covered, and much more.

Another striking feature is its utilization of ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers). It makes it easy for users to search for specific books with precision. By simply entering a book's ISBN, users can quickly retrieve the book's data from Wikidata. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual searches and ensures accuracy in results.

With 387 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.