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IT-Tools is an all-in-one, free, and open-source platform designed to simplify the daily tasks of developers and IT specialists. This versatile software integrates a wide range of online tools, all aimed at improving productivity and making work easier.

IT Tools - Handy online tools for developers
Collection of handy online tools for developers, with great UX. IT Tools is a free and open-source collection of handy online tools for developers & people working in IT.


Key features of IT-Tools include a token generator, useful for creating unique identifiers or access tokens. It also comes equipped with a case converter, which helps with text formatting. The base converter feature is particularly useful for developers working across different number systems.

Additional functionalities include a QR code generator for creating custom QR codes, and lorem ipsum generator that aids in developing sample texts. A Git cheatsheet is also available as part of the software's robust features to assist in remembering commonly used Git commands. With these tools at your disposal, managing your IT tasks becomes streamlined and efficient.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.