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Judge0 CE

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Judge0 CE is a reliable, open-source application programming interface (API) that serves as a powerful tool for compiling and running source code. Built to be flexible and versatile, it can be utilized by developers across various levels of expertise and diverse programming languages.

Judge0 - Where code happens.
Robust, scalable, and open-source online code execution system.


In addition to its core function of compiling and running source codes, Judge0 CE stands out with several key features. It allows users to have full control over their runtime environment, which means they can choose the programming language in which their source code is written. This flexibility extends to the ability to manage time limits and memory usage for executing programs, ensuring an efficient testing process.

Another major feature of Judge0 CE is its support for multiple programming languages. With this feature, users are not restricted to using just one language but have the option of using various languages as per their requirement or convenience. Also, as an open-source software, it comes with the advantage of being continuously improved by its community of developers worldwide.

With 1536 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-05 the project looks healthy.