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Discover K3S, the Kubernetes solution for edge computing, IoT, and CI environments. Easy install, ARM support, and optimized for low resources.

K3S is a lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution optimized for edge computing, IoT devices, and continuous integration environments. It is designed to be both simple to install and secure, with a small footprint that makes it ideal for resource-constrained contexts. K3S simplifies cluster management and offers an easy installation process, making it suitable for both development and production workloads.


Key Features

  • Lightweight Design: K3S offers a streamlined Kubernetes experience with a small binary size of less than 70MB, making it easy to deploy in various environments.
  • Edge Optimization: Tailored for edge computing, K3S ensures high availability and performance in remote locations.
  • Simplified Installation: With its simplified installation process, K3S reduces the complexity of setting up a Kubernetes cluster.
  • ARM Support: K3S supports both ARM64 and ARMv7 architectures, providing flexibility for deployment on different hardware including Raspberry Pi.
  • Certified Distribution: As a CNCF Sandbox Project, K3S meets the standards for Kubernetes distributions, ensuring reliability and compatibility.

K3S Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Deploying applications on IoT devices by leveraging K3S's support for ARM architectures and its lightweight nature.
  • Incorporating K3S into continuous integration pipelines to provide a consistent testing environment that closely mirrors production systems.
  • Utilizing K3S for edge computing scenarios where resources are limited and traditional Kubernetes clusters may be too heavyweight or complex to maintain.
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