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Karaoke Eternal

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Karaoke Eternal is a software solution designed for individuals who are passionate about hosting memorable karaoke parties. This application grants your guests the ability to effortlessly browse through songs and queue them for their performance, directly from their phone's browser. Now, everyone can be part of the excitement and show off their singing skills without any hassle.

Karaoke Eternal | Open karaoke party system
Host awesome karaoke parties where everyone can easily find and queue songs from their phone’s browser. The player is also fully browser-based with support for MP3+G, MP4 videos and WebGL visualizations. The server is self-hosted and runs on nearly everything.


The key feature of Karaoke Eternal is its user-friendliness that eliminates the need for complex setups or professional help. Guests can directly access the song library, search for their favourite hits, and add them to the queue in a straightforward fashion. This feature makes song selection an enjoyable experience rather than an interruption in your karaoke party.

Another significant selling point of Karaoke Eternal is its universal accessibility. It doesn't matter what type of device or operating system your guests are using; as long as they have an internet browser on their phone, they're all set for the party. This compatibility feature broadens participation by enabling anyone with a smartphone to join in and belt out some tunes.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability. Here is a link to another repository: https://www.karaoke-eternal.com/repo