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Enhance your writing with an AI-assisted tool offering grammar, style, and spelling checks in multiple languages, plus browser and office integration.

LanguageTool is a versatile writing assistant that offers comprehensive grammar, punctuation, style, and spelling checks for texts in over 30 languages and dialects. It is designed to improve writing accuracy and style across various platforms and applications.

LanguageTool - Online Grammar, Style & Spell Checker
LanguageTool is a free grammar checker and paraphraser for English, Spanish, and 30 other languages. Instantly check your text for grammar and style mistakes.

Key Features

  • Grammar Checker: Detects grammar mistakes and helps users find the right tone for their text.
  • Paraphraser: Utilizes artificial intelligence to rephrase sentences for enhanced formality, fluency, simplicity, or conciseness.
  • Premium Version: Offers unlimited paraphrasing and advanced suggestions for punctuation, style, and typography.
  • Browser Add-ons: Provides suggestions while typing an e-mail, blog post, or any online content across different browsers.
  • Office Plugins: Integrates with office programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word to ensure error-free documents.
  • E-Mail Add-ons: Available for email clients including Gmail and Outlook to maintain professionalism in communications.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports more than 30 languages and dialects ensuring inclusivity in language assistance.
  • User Statistics: Tracks productivity and writing improvements through personalized statistics.
  • Picky Mode: Offers even more advanced suggestions for users seeking perfection in their writing.
  • Diverse Applications: Compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS apps ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create error-free content for websites or blogs by integrating LanguageTool's API to automatically check text submissions.
  • Incorporate LanguageTool into customer service platforms to ensure clear and correct communication with clients.
  • Enhance educational software by providing grammar and style checking features using LanguageTool's capabilities.
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