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Lura is an advanced, high-performing API gateway designed for developers who want to manage their APIs efficiently. As an open-source software, it caters to a wide variety of needs and offers several customization options.

The Lura Project
An extendable, simple and **stateless high-performance API Gateway framework** designed for both cloud-native and on-prem setups


The main strength of Lura lies in its superior performance. It is built to handle a large number of API calls without breaking a sweat. Its infrastructure ensures that all APIs are managed smoothly and efficiently, thus providing stability and reliability.

Another standout feature of Lura is its flexibility. Being open-source, it allows developers to modify and adapt the software according to their specific needs. This customizable nature makes it applicable for various project scopes and sizes. Additionally, Lura prioritizes user-friendly experiences, offering simple setup processes and easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Lastly, Lura's support for multiple platforms further enhances its adaptability. Whether you're working on a web-based or mobile application, this software can cater to your API management needs effectively.

With 5663 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-26 the project looks healthy.