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Maddy Mail Server

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Maddy Mail Server stands as a one-stop, comprehensive solution for all mailing needs. This all-encompassing mail server not only supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), working effectively both as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and a Mail Exchanger (MX), but also offers integrated Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) functionality.

GitHub - foxcpp/maddy: ✉️ Composable all-in-one mail server.
✉️ Composable all-in-one mail server. Contribute to foxcpp/maddy development by creating an account on GitHub.


In terms of its key features, Maddy Mail Server is celebrated for its robust SMTP support. It flawlessly carries out the dual roles of MTA and MX, providing efficient email transfer and exchange services. This makes it an ideal choice for organizations that handle large volumes of email communication on a daily basis.

Additionally, Maddy Mail Server features integrated IMAP capabilities. This means users can store messages on the server and manage their mails from multiple devices without having to worry about synchronization issues. The convenience this feature brings enhances user experience significantly, making Maddy an excellent choice for businesses looking for versatile mailing solutions.

With 4163 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-16 the project looks healthy.