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Discover MailHog, the developer's tool for email simulation and testing. Inspect SMTP traffic, manage emails, and test workflows with ease.

Overview: MailHog is an open-source email testing tool designed for developers to capture and inspect SMTP traffic from the development and staging environments. It simulates an SMTP server and provides a user-friendly interface to view, manage, and test email messages without sending them to real email servers. This tool is built with Go, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and ease of installation.

GitHub - mailhog/MailHog: Web and API based SMTP testing
Web and API based SMTP testing. Contribute to mailhog/MailHog development by creating an account on GitHub.

Key Features

  • SMTP Server Simulation: Implements a lightweight ESMTP server adhering to RFC5321, allowing developers to test email sending without affecting real mailboxes.
  • Web Interface: Comes with a web-based user interface for viewing emails in various formats including plain text, HTML, and raw source.
  • Real-time Updates: Utilizes EventSource to provide real-time updates within the web UI as new emails arrive.
  • Email Release: Enables the option to release emails to actual SMTP servers for delivery after inspection and testing.
  • HTTP API: Offers APIs (APIv1 and APIv2) for programmatic access to list, retrieve, and delete messages.
  • Authentication Support: Supports HTTP basic authentication for securing access to MailHog's UI and API endpoints.
  • Multipart MIME Support: Can handle multipart MIME messages, allowing users to download individual MIME parts.
  • In-memory Storage: Provides fast in-memory storage of messages for temporary inspection purposes.
  • Persistent Storage Options: Offers MongoDB and file-based storage solutions for long-term message persistence.
  • No Installation Required: MailHog is designed to be portable and can run without any installation on multiple platforms.

MailHog Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Email Workflow Testing: Low-code developers can use MailHog to simulate email sending in their applications’ workflows without spamming real users’ inboxes during testing phases.
  • Email Format Verification: Integrate MailHog into development environments to verify that emails are correctly formatted and rendered before they are sent out by production systems.
  • Clients' Email Debugging: Offer MailHog as a solution for clients needing an easy way to debug email-related issues during application development or when integrating with third-party email services.
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