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Metronome IM

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Metronome IM is an innovative instant messaging software that was developed as a fork of the well-known Prosody IM. This platform offers an impressive spectrum of features that takes real-time communication to a new level, while maintaining the simplicity and lightness that users appreciated in the original Prosody system.

Metronome IM - About the Project


The key selling points of Metronome IM lie in its modularity, versatility and security. The software boasts a variety of modules that can be enabled or disabled according to user needs, making it highly customizable and adaptable to different use scenarios. From private chats to group discussions, Metronome has the flexibility to handle it all.

In regards to security, Metronome does not compromise. It utilizes robust encryption techniques ensuring your conversations remain confidential. Moreover, this software is built on open-source technology which means it is continually being improved and updated by a community of developers committed to its success.

With 163 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-08 the project looks healthy.