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Mojopaste is an advanced and user-friendly pastebin application that utilizes the robust nature of the Perl programming language. It provides a dynamic platform for users to store and share plain text or code snippets.

Pastebin application


  A key feature of Mojopaste is its non-commercial orientation, meaning it's completely free to use. It supports syntax highlighting for a wide array of programming languages, making it an excellent tool for developers looking to share or store their code. The pastes can be made public or private based on the user's preference, offering a significant level of control over data privacy.

  Furthermore, Mojopaste ensures a high level of security in handling sensitive data. Users can set an expiration date on their pastes, which would then be automatically deleted from the system after reaching the set date. This feature coupled with its intuitive interface makes Mojopaste stand out in its category.

With 40 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-01-15 the project looks abandoned.