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mStream stands out as a music streaming server equipped with Graphical User Interface (GUI) management tools, making it a user-friendly choice in this sector. It allows for simplified handling and organization of your audio files and playlists, operating seamlessly across various devices.

mStream is open source software that lets you sync and stream your music between all your devices.


With its key features, mStream offers users the ability to manage their audio files smoothly. It integrates GUI tools into its system, enabling the setup and configuration of the streaming server to be more intuitive and less technical. This means that even without advanced technological knowledge, users can easily navigate through the software.

Additionally, mStream has an exceptional built-in capacity for handling large music libraries. Users can easily upload their songs onto the platform and the software does the rest. It automatically organizes your library by metadata such as artist, album, or genre. Furthermore, it supports different audio formats allowing you to enjoy your music regardless of how they were initially encoded.

In summary, mStream brings a fresh perspective into how you stream and manage your music files. With its user-centric approach, it handles large music libraries efficiently while ensuring that every user gets an amazing experience.

With 2017 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-12-11 the project looks stale.