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Nhost is an innovative open-source software that serves as a commendable alternative to Firebase. It offers a highly-functional and robust backend, powered by GraphQL, which makes it an excellent choice for developers seeking flexibility and scalability for their applications.

Nhost: The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL
Nhost is an open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL, built with the following things in mind: Open Source, GraphQL, SQL, Great Developer Experience


One of the key features of Nhost is its integration with GraphQL. This technology enables developers to request specific data they need, reducing the amount of unneeded data transferred and speeding up applications. Its open-source nature further encourages collaboration and continuous improvement, making it a dynamic solution to various backend needs.

Also, Nhost stands out for its easy setup and user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can have your backend up and running. Moreover, it supports real-time subscriptions allowing developers to create interactive applications with ease. Its secure authentication system adds another layer of protection ensuring the safety of your valuable data.

In essence, Nhost's combination of GraphQL functionality, open-source accessibility, ease of use, real-time capabilities and secure environment make it an optimal choice for both beginner and experienced developers.

With 6837 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-25 the project looks healthy.