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Offen is an open-source web analytics software designed to provide transparency and respect user privacy. Unlike traditional analytics tools, Offen emphasizes on fair data usage and lightweight operation, thus making it a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes seeking meaningful insights from their website traffic.

Offen Fair Web Analytics
Let your users access their data. Gain valuable insights at the same time. Open, lightweight, self hosted and free.


Key features of Offen include efficient data collection and utilization. By focusing on fairness, this tool only collects the essential data required for analysis while keeping personal information secure. Its lightweight design ensures smooth operation without disturbing the performance of your website.

Moreover, as a transparent analytics tool, Offen promotes visibility by enabling users to access their data at any time. This approach not only strengthens user trust but also gives them autonomy over their own information. Users have control over what they share and can opt-out anytime they wish. Summarizing all these aspects, Offen stands out as a versatile web analytics platform that respects privacy while delivering valuable insights for business growth.

With 732 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-19 the project looks healthy.