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OpenProject is a highly efficient, open-source project management platform. It offers users the ability to manage projects using classic, agile, or hybrid methodologies in a secure and controlled environment. OpenProject can be installed within your own infrastructure, ensuring complete control and data ownership. This allows you to know exactly where your data is stored and what happens to it, without external influences.

OpenProject - Open Source Project Management Software
Open source project management software for classic, agile or hybrid project management: task management✓ Gantt charts✓ boards✓ team collaboration✓ time and cost reporting✓ FREE trial!


The key feature of OpenProject is its robust capability for project planning and deliverable tracking. With it, teams can leverage their collective experience to create a detailed project plan and define clear objectives. The software facilitates the breakdown of large projects into smaller, manageable deliverables; it analyzes required activities and crafts an intricate roadmap that outlines when each deliverable will be provided.

OpenProject also excels in task management and progress tracking. It allows team members to organize, prioritize, and assign tasks with ease. All tasks and communication can be viewed in one place - fostering transparency about progress made and next steps due. This makes OpenProject an ideal tool for teams seeking effective ways of tracking their work while simultaneously aiming for results.

With 7128 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-08-01 the project looks healthy.