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Orange Forum

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Orange Forum stands out as an easy-to-use and straightforward forum software, designed with simplicity and performance in mind. It requires very few dependencies, making it an optimal choice for individuals and businesses seeking a lightweight, yet powerful communication tool. Its minimalistic use of JavaScript ensures smooth operation and user experience.

Good Old Web
A collection of open-source, slim webapps that make very little use of javascript.


The key feature of Orange Forum is its simplicity in deployment. With lesser dependencies compared to other similar software, setting up the Orange Forum is a breeze. This makes it ideal for those who may not have advanced technical knowledge but still need a reliable forum platform.

Another distinctive feature is its modest use of JavaScript. While many forum platforms rely heavily on JavaScript which can often lead to slower loading times and performance issues, Orange Forum keeps its usage to the absolute minimum. This not only ensures faster load times but also makes the software more stable and reliable.

With 429 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-03-07 the project looks stale.