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Outline Server

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Outline Server is an advanced tool designed to function as a proxy server. It operates individual instances of the Shadowsocks protocol for each access key, ensuring secure and efficient data communication between client and server. It also features a REST API to enable seamless management of the access keys.

Outline VPN - Access to the free and open internet
Outline is a VPN software that makes it easy for anyone to create, run, and share access to their own VPN.


Key features include running separate Shadowsocks instances for each access key. This design enhances security by ensuring that each connection has its own dedicated path, reducing the risk of interception or corruption of data during transmission.

The Outline Server also provides a powerful REST API which allows users to manage access keys with ease. This feature simplifies the process of creating, deleting, renaming, and even tracking usage statistics for each access key.

In conclusion, Outline Server stands out as both a reliable proxy server solution and an efficient manager for access keys with its innovative use of Shadowsocks instances and REST API.

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