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Overseerr serves as an indispensable and easy-to-navigate platform for efficiently managing your vast media library. As a freeware application, it welcomes all users wanting to streamline their media request management processes without any added financial burden.

Request management and media discovery tool for the Plex ecosystem.


The software's key features offer a detailed overview of your current media library, allowing you to keep track of all the content available. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation while you oversee requests for new content additions. This powerful tool saves time by automating many routine tasks associated with maintaining a large or growing media library.

In addition, Overseerr provides users with an interactive and intuitive dashboard that presents detailed statistics about your media collection. It enables quick access to data such as the most requested items and recent additions, helping you make informed decisions about future acquisitions. Notably, this open-source application also supports integration with other popular media server software for enhanced functionality.

With 2625 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-28 the project looks healthy.