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Pachno is a robust software solution geared towards facilitating seamless team collaboration. It provides a flexible platform where teams can come together to design, construct, and execute projects. Adaptable by nature, Pachno molds itself to your requirements and continuously evolves as your project does, positioning itself as an integral part of your workflow.

Pachno - open collaboration platform
Pachno - an open collaboration platform for teams


A major key feature of Pachno is its adaptability. It is designed to conform to the unique needs of each team and project. Whether you need it for tracking bugs or managing backlogs, Pachno delivers. Its flexibility extends not only to features but also to integrations with other tools you may already use in your process. This ensures that no matter how the scope or nature of the project changes, Pachno remains an efficient tool that can be quickly adapted.

The user-friendly interface of Pachno is another strong point that cannot be overlooked. Even with its extensive adaptability and numerous features, it maintains an intuitive interface that minimizes the learning curve while maximizing productivity. Alongside this usability are powerful reporting capabilities that provide insightful data about your projects at a glance.

With 121 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-31 the project looks healthy.