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A highly adaptable backend framework, Para is designed to cater to your specific needs. It provides an efficient approach to object persistence, API development, and user authentication. Designed with flexibility in mind, it easily integrates with your existing setup and can be modulated according to your requirements.

Para - an open-source, general-purpose, backend framework for the cloud.
Para is an open source, general-purpose, backend framework for the cloud.


The core feature of Para is its ability to assist with object persistence. By leveraging this feature, developers can store data objects persistently, thereby, helping you manage data more efficiently. Additionally, it enables seamless data retrieval for future use.

Another key aspect of Para is its potential for API development. With feature-rich tools and simple usability, it accelerates the process of creating robust APIs which can integrate with any platform or service. Lastly but equally important is the authentication capability of this server. It takes care of every aspect of user authentication while ensuring security at every level.

In summary, Para offers a comprehensive suite of backend services that are flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs while ensuring optimal performance.

With 484 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-27 the project looks healthy.