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Empower your design process with Penpot, the open-source platform for collaborative UI design, prototyping, and real-time teamwork. Perfect for developers.

Overview: Penpot is the go-to open-source design and prototyping platform that empowers teams to collaborate throughout the entire design process. It offers a browser-based interface that blends professional UI design with interactive prototyping capabilities, ensuring seamless designer-developer collaboration. With its commitment to open standards and community-driven development, Penpot is designed to scale beautifully for any project.

Penpot | Free Open-Source Design & Prototyping For Teams
Penpot is a free open-source design and prototyping tool. Create and collaborate on visuals, prototypes, UX and more. Click here to get started for free!

Key Features

  • Browser-Based Interface: Design and prototype in a powerful web-based platform that facilitates team collaboration and consistency with components, libraries, and design systems.
  • Interactive Prototyping: Mimic real product behavior with rich interactions, transitions, and multiple user flows to share with stakeholders.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Engage in multiplayer editing, provide feedback through comments, and ensure everyone is in sync during the design process.
  • Developer Tools: Developers can inspect code snippets and properties directly within Penpot, aligning design with implementation.
  • Infinite Canvas & Vector Manipulation: Enjoy limitless creativity on an infinite canvas with robust vector editing tools for comprehensive design possibilities.
  • Flex Layout: Utilize CSS standards to build flexible interfaces that adapt content automatically – no manual resizing needed.
  • Advanced Styling Features: Create detailed designs with advanced styling options like shadows, blurs, border radius, strokes, and more.
  • Dynamic Alignment & Snapping Options: Align objects precisely with visual cues and manage snapping for pixel-perfect designs.
  • Rulers and Guides: Use rulers and guides to align your objects perfectly within your design space.
  • Multilingual Support: Work comfortably in a variety of languages supported by the community-driven platform.

Penpot Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Rapid Prototyping: Quickly create interactive prototypes to validate ideas before writing any code. Share with clients or team members for immediate feedback.
  • User Interface Kits: Utilize Penpot's libraries and templates to implement pre-designed UI elements and speed up development time on client projects.
  • Cross-Device Design Systems: Maintain visual consistency across different platforms by using Penpot's shared libraries feature to enforce brand standards in low-code environments.
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