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PoeticMetric is a premier web analytics tool that stands out due to its commitment to user privacy and regulatory compliance. It's an open-source software which means it's freely available to the public, promoting transparency and allowing users to customize it according to their needs.

Free and open source, privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative | PoeticMetric
PoeticMetric is a free as in freedom, open source, privacy-first and regulation-compliant website analytics tool. You can keep track of your website’s traffic without invading your visitors’ privacy.


The main focus of PoeticMetric is privacy. In an era where data breaches are common, PoeticMetric ensures that your sensitive information remains secure. This privacy-first approach not only safeguards user data but also boosts the confidence of users in the software.

In addition to maintaining high privacy standards, PoeticMetric is also regulation-compliant. It strictly adheres to all government and industry-specific rules and regulations, ensuring that your analytics operations are always within legal boundaries. Furthermore, being open-source software gives you complete freedom - you can modify and distribute it as per your requirements.

With 158 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-01 the project looks healthy.