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Postfix is an innovative, high-performance MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) that serves as an efficient alternative to traditional Sendmail. With its speed, ease of management, and robust security features, Postfix has emerged as the choice of many system administrators for managing mail traffic.

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The primary strength of Postfix lies in its speed. It's designed to ensure quick mail transfers even under demanding situations. Hence, it's an ideal solution for businesses that require responsive communication channels.

Another significant advantage of using Postfix is its simplicity in administration. The software comes with a straightforward configuration system that renders complex tasks hassle-free. System administrators can easily set up and manage the software without requiring extensive knowledge or experience.

Finally, Postfix stands out for its robust security measures. It offers a secure environment for mail transfer by incorporating several protective features against threats such as spam and denial of service attacks. With Postfix, businesses can maintain seamless communication channels without compromising on security.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.