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ProjectSend is a software solution designed for secure file sharing. This versatile tool allows users to smoothly upload files and designate them to particular clients. It provides an interactive interface, facilitating seamless communication and secure file transfer between you and your clients.

Open source, self hosted solution to share files with clients


   One of the key features of ProjectSend is its client management system. It allows you to create individual client profiles, enhancing the security and organization of your file sharing process. By assigning files to specific clients, you can ensure that each client only has access to the relevant documents, maintaining confidentiality and reducing potential clutter.

   Another major advantage of ProjectSend is its robust security measures. The software uses advanced encryption methods, ensuring that your transferred files remain safe from unauthorized access. Moreover, it maintains a detailed log of all activities, providing users with complete transparency over their file-sharing activities.

With 1141 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-25 the project looks healthy.