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PropertyWebBuilder is a specially designed software application built on Ruby on Rails engine, specifically for crafting high-quality real estate websites. It's the ultimate solution for those looking to create a robust, user-friendly platform for showcasing properties.



The key features of PropertyWebBuilder make it stand out from other real estate website creators. Its dynamic functionality enables users to effectively present property listings with their images and descriptions, catering to the needs of both agents and customers. It also supports multi-language interfaces, making it globally applicable and user-friendly across different regions.

In addition to these remarkable features, PropertyWebBuilder provides a customisable layout that allows for alterations according to individual preferences or brand requirements. It's SEO-friendly structure ensures that your website gets higher visibility in search engine results. Furthermore, its responsive design guarantees optimal viewing experience across various devices, be it desktop or mobile platforms.

With 490 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-02-12 the project looks stale.