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Quassel IRC

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Quassel IRC is a unique, distributed Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client that offers the flexibility of allowing multiple clients to attach and detach from a central core. It's an innovative solution for those who require continuous, uninterrupted communication across different devices.

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It's key feature lies in its architecture - the bifurcation into two parts: the Quassel Core and Quassel Client. The Quassel Core is always connected to your preferred IRC networks and retains all your information, making it accessible at any time. The Quassel Client can be connected from various devices to the Core, thus giving you the freedom to continue your chats from anywhere.

In addition, Quassel IRC stands out with its powerful graphical interface which makes it easy even for beginners to navigate through. This user-friendly interface combined with its robust backend makes it a reliable tool for seamless communication. Whether you're using it personally or professionally, Quassel IRC ensures that your conversations are uninterrupted regardless of where you are.

With 696 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-11-17 the project looks stale.