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Quru Image Server

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The Quru Image Server is an incredibly powerful software solution that delivers dynamic image resizing with impressive performance. Its primary function is to efficiently handle images on your server, ensuring each one perfectly fits its intended display area. Just as importantly, this platform ensures access control through its directory-based model, providing an additional layer of security to your files.

Quru Image Server - dynamic colour-managed photo resizing


The Quru Image Server comes packed with a suite of tools and capabilities that boost its functionality beyond ordinary servers. One such feature includes the option of cropping images for an improved aesthetic appeal or better spatial integration into your site's layout. Additionally, users have the ability to rotate their images for better viewing or adjust their color schemes to match the underlying theme of their project.

Another remarkable aspect of the Quru Image Server lies in its advanced color management system - a feature that stands out amongst its peers. This system lets you adjust and manage colors within your images straight from the server, giving you unmatched control over their final appearance. With all these features and more, the Quru Image Server represents an essential tool for anyone requiring dynamic image management on their server.

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