Reactive Resume
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Reactive Resume

Create professional resumes effortlessly with a privacy-focused, multi-language resume builder offering real-time editing and OpenAI enhancement.

Reactive Resume is a free and open-source resume builder geared towards simplifying the resume creation and sharing process. This privacy-centric platform ensures that there is no user tracking or advertising, respecting your personal data. Its user-friendly interface, available in multiple languages, enables real-time editing, offers a variety of templates, and allows for drag-and-drop customization. With Reactive Resume, you can easily share your resume with potential employers and even enhance your writing with OpenAI integration.

Reactive Resume - A free and open-source resume builder
A free and open-source resume builder that simplifies the process of creating, updating, and sharing your resume.

Key Features

  • User Privacy: Zero user tracking or advertising ensures your personal information remains private.
  • Multi-Language Support: The platform is accessible in various languages, making it globally user-friendly.
  • Self-Hosting Capability: For those who prefer complete data ownership, self-hosting can be set up swiftly.
  • Diverse Templates: A broad range of templates caters to different job sectors and personal styles.
  • Real-Time Editing: Immediate updates to your resume as you edit provide a seamless experience.
  • Drag-and-Drop Customization: Easily rearrange sections to tailor your resume layout to your preferences.
  • OpenAI Integration: Enhance your writing with OpenAI's API key for improved spelling, grammar, and tone.
  • Resume Sharing: Share a personalized link of your resume and track its views or downloads.
  • Multitude of Fonts: Customize your resume with a variety of fonts from Google Fonts.
  • Dark Mode Option: A more comfortable viewing experience for both creators and viewers.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create personalized resumes for clients that highlight their professional journey in an interactive way.
  • Incorporate Reactive Resume into job search platforms to enable users to design and share resumes directly within the app.
  • Leverage Reactive Resume's API for custom integrations into professional networking sites or portfolio services.
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